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Andrea Halwas Larsen

Registered Expressive Arts Therapy Consultant and Educator, Associate Therapist/Researcher


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Andrea Halwas Larsen, PhD, is a Registered Expressive Arts Therapy Consultant and Educator and is currently completing her internship supervision as a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (IEATA). She joined the Juno House team in 2014 as Group Therapist utilizing expressive arts and drama therapy to assist clients to find emotional connection and authentic meaning in their life experiences. Her background in relational therapeutic work complemented the Juno House model and her work developed into a full time practice at Juno House with group work and a client caseload. She is also their Researcher and Education Outreach Coordinator.

Andrea has been using the creative arts in therapeutic and rehabilitative work with youth and their families since 2007. She has worked for various social service agencies and health services specializing within pediatric and adolescent mental health and education. Andrea holds a BA (Honours), a MFA, and a Doctorate from the University of Calgary with a combined specialization in Psychology, Drama, and Nursing. Andrea’s doctoral work focused on the therapeutic and experiential affect of drama in grief and loss. Andrea has completed her Level 2 Expressive Arts Therapy Certification as well as her EMDR Certification, and is trained in EFFT.

Andrea brings her background in expressive arts as her basis for her relational and personable style of working with girls and their families. She strongly believes in the power of experiential connection as a way to heal, improve family communication, and develop a stronger sense of self. Andrea’s passion and therapeutic focus has found a place at Juno House to help girls find their voice, develop confidence, and express emotion. Andrea considers empathetic regard, building trust, and relational practice as key to supporting girls and their families grow and strengthen. She is a photographer, a playwright, and the creator of a youth drama therapy puppet show entitled ‘The Nicki and Little Bear Show.’ Andrea strongly believes in the power of the expressive arts to foster confidence, resiliency, and emotional expression.

Andrea Halwas Larsen
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