Counselling Services

Utilizing a team of specialists, Juno House motivates girls and young women, primarily aged 12 to 28 years, to build their capacity for emotional health, while inviting their parents and family to develop a more coherent understanding of themselves and their children.

We work with clients in all aspects of anxiety- based mental health issues:

  • Self harm
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviors
  • Eating disorders
  • Body image
  • Self-esteem
  • Grief

“Dreaming is the way the body repairs and heals itself.”

– Carol York

Logic and reason can inform us, but emotions make us decide and act.
Juno House provides individual and family counselling at our office in Calgary, and facilitates connections with dieticians, medical doctors, psychiatrists, personal trainers, and other professionals in the community as needed.
We match our services and therapists to each client and family, depending on needs and assessments. Working in a team approach, Juno House provides unique counselling services:

  • Thorough assessments
  • Specialist treatment
  • Qualified therapists
  • Unique and proven therapeutic approach.
our house

our House

We are located in a peaceful, residential community in an office-zoned, renovated bungalow. Our goal is to make your visits to Juno House comfortable, motivating, and productive.

Juno House provides counselling under a private practice, fee-for-service model.

Juno House™

1902 5A St SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2S 2G1

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Emergency Services

For emergency and crisis services, please contact these resources in Calgary, Alberta. If you or your child is seriously ill or injured, the best thing to do is call 911.


Calgary Distress Centre
24 hours Crisis Line:


Community Resource Team


Alberta Children’s Hospital
Emergency Department
2888 Shaganappi Trail
Calgary, Alberta
T3B 6A8

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