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Hilary Tsoumpas

Intake Counsellor

Welcome To Juno House

Hilary joined the Juno House team as the Intake Counsellor in December of 2021. Hilary completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Honours in 2019, and is currently completing her Master of Science in Counselling Psychology, both at the University of Calgary. 

Prior to her current academic pursuits, Hilary was a personal trainer and international Muay Thai fighter. Hilary’s own experiences of empowerment through encountering the strength and capability of her physical body inspired her work with her personal training clients. Hilary’s training philosophy sought to help her clients shift their focus away from appearance concerns and towards developing a more positive and empowering relationship with their bodies. This work led Hilary to develop an interest in body image and eating concerns, which has been her area of research for both her undergraduate and graduate theses.

Hilary is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from the Juno House team. She is excited to connect with prospective families through the intake process, and to provide this key step in welcoming families into Juno House.

Hilary Tsoumpas


For intake enquiries, please phone or email Lois Sapsford, Director

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