The First Appointment

During the first assessment appointment, which is 2½ hours long, family and individual attachment history is completed with the young woman and her parents. Family and individual challenges are discussed. By the end of the first session, we are able to give you feedback identifying the developmental patterns that have contributed to your daughter’s susceptibility to this problem anchoring itself in her life. A therapeutic plan is suggested for all family members as needed, to begin the work of changing belief patterns and subsequent behaviors.

Logic and reason can inform us, but emotions make us decide and act.
Counselling Services

“We are not shrinks, but rather integrationists… promoting the growth of integrative fibers in the brain.”

– Daniel Siegel

Family therapy and individual therapy with the young woman would be a consistent part of all therapy at Juno House.

  • Some families will benefit from individual therapy to both parents to address attachment injuries that have contributed to the attachment patterns arising in their family.
  • Marital therapy may also be indicated to establish healthy attachment in the marital system.

“Attachment sets the brain template for all future human relations.”

– Bruce Perry

Logic and reason can inform us, but emotions make us decide and act.

Parents Matter!

The Juno House approach to therapy works best when parents are engaged and part of the therapeutic process. These supportive parents are a key to a positive therapeutic outcome. Once the parents understand the nature of the attachment injury, they become crucial in the “repair.” If we can heal the attachment injury in the relationship in which it occurred, the client is able to make a complete and rapid shift in attachment patterns, thus changing how they approach themselves and every relationship in the future.

You will notice the difference the minute you walk through the front door...

“If you aren’t willing to face your demons — if you can’t find the courage to take on your fear and hurt and anger – you might as well wrap them up with a bow and give them to your children. Because they will be carrying the same thing… unless you are willing to do the work.”

– R.A. Dickey

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Emergency Services

For emergency and crisis services, please contact these resources in Calgary, Alberta. If you or your child is seriously ill or injured, the best thing to do is call 911.


Calgary Distress Centre
24 hours Crisis Line:


Community Resource Team


Alberta Children’s Hospital
Emergency Department
2888 Shaganappi Trail
Calgary, Alberta
T3B 6A8

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