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You’re a parent. You’re struggling or maybe you just want to do more to help your child become all she can be.  Our Juno House videos help you understand child brain development, and provide parenting tips to raise strong, emotionally healthy children – and confident parents.

Logic and reason can inform us, but emotions make us decide and act.
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“Our inner narrative is the essence of who we are.”

– Lois Sapsford


The Power of the AmygdaLa

Fight, flight or freeze. The amygdala powers these actions in stressful situations overriding many other brain controls. But accidental triggering of the amygdala can cause anxiety-related illnesses. Name it to tame it. Let the 5 big emotions have starring roles in your family. Girl Power Hour 2015. 24:30 minutes

Your Teenager’s Brain

It’s not an oxymoron.  We know much about teenage brain development. Attend to the emotion. Validate it. Be their emotional coach.

Girl Power Hour 2014. 24:00 minutes


Childhood Development and Parenting 201

Temper tantrums made big! Early childhood brain development lays the template to help parents develop strong healthy children. Tolerate all emotions. No screens prior to age 3. You are your child’s prefrontal cortex.

Girl Power Hour 2013. 25:16 minutes

Five Points for Growing your Child’s Pre-Frontal Cortex

Listen. Really Listen. Find out how to grow the middle aspect of the pre-frontal cortex. It is responsible for all our emotions and responses. Attune. Linger in internal exploration. Be curious. Be quiet. And be present.

Girl Power Hour 2012. 32:49 minutes.


What is Beauty?

Spoken word performance by Shelby Leiding on what beauty means on our society.

Girl Power Hour 2014. 3:54 minutes

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For emergency and crisis services, please contact these resources in Calgary, Alberta. If you or your child is seriously ill or injured, the best thing to do is call 911.


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